A strong hive of Native Bees

A strong hive of Native Bees

Native stingless bees are quite harmless as they don't sting, so they're perfect if you have young children.  They are easy to care for and interesting to watch as they visit the flowers in your garden.  They're great for you, your garden and the local environment.

I can help you get set up with a standard Honey OATH (Original Australian Trigona Hive) stocked with a hive of your very own Australian Native Stingless Bees. 

The two most popular species in South East Queensland are Tetragonula Carbonaria and Tetragonula Hockingsi.  Both are equally easy to care for.

All my hives are well established before they are deemed suitable for sale.  They also come with a 12 month warranty, which is important because I want you to have the best experience.

PRICE: $550.00


I have limited stock each year, and can also recommend a couple of other excellent local suppliers of hives. 

If you are in Brisbane, definitely contact either:

  1. Tim Heard at Sugarbag
  2. Sarah Hamilton at Bee Yourself

If you are on the Sunshine Coast, contact Dean Bryant at Native Bee Rescue & Education

Even if you don't buy from me, I'm happy to help and answer any of your questions.