I found a bee hive, what should I do?

I found a bee hive, what should I do?

If you find a hive in the bush, unless it's in danger of being destroyed, it's best to leave them be and feel free to visit them as often as you like.

Also, it's worth noting that it is unlawful to remove a hive from a national park.

Native bee hive rescue and removal

If you become aware of a hive during a tree removal, give me a call and I'll arrange to come over and rescue them. 

Sometimes wild native bees can be a little unfornunate in their choice of hive location and choose places such as your water meter box to set up home, or in this case, a stack of safety cones.

Whatever the sitation, I can come out and transfer the hive safely to a hive box and move them to a new location where they can have a happy and productive life. There is no charge for this service.


Alternatively, if you would like to keep the bees that we rescue, I can provide a hive box and transfer the hive safely into their new home. 

Once the bees are transferred into the hive box, they will need to stay with me for a few weeks so they can be monitored to ensure they are strong and have a healthy laying queen.   Once the hive is ready it will be returned to you to enyoy in your garden.

Also, as with any new hive owner, I will provide you with all the information you need to get you started. 

PRICE: $250